Party On…It’s Taylor!

Check this noise out.  Just because we’re getting all ready for the big superexplosion filled weekend, that doesn’t mean we’re still not at the FunCenter working on all sorts of lovely pics for you to see up in Land of Blog.  Oh no, my dear friends.  In fact, I’m about to hit you over the head with an explosion of pictographic goodness from the always lovely Taylor!

Let me weave you some yarn.  Taylor, you see, walked through the doors of the FunCenter and into our lives just a little bit ago, and our lives – quite frankly – have not been the same since then.  She was so totally and completely awesome in so many ways that since our all to brief time together, we have found it hard to carry on in the o&j world without her there.

Somehow, my deer peeps, we have managed to soldier on.  And, we’ve got these totally awesome samplesnaps to keep us happy until she strolls into our lives again.  So, I invite you now to sit back, relax…but wait!  Before we do that, I need to give a ginormous MuchLove to Taylor for giving us some of her sweet & precious time!  Now you can sit back, relax and – Enjoy!

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  1. Hey! I know her she got her prom dress from me!
    Fiancee and O&J sending business each others way. You have to love your fellow downtown merchants!



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