The Family McDermott!

And now, as I write at this late hour of the night, I ask myself, ‘Self, how could life get just a little bit better?’, and the answer that I come up with is that by taking a look at some supersweet samplesnaps from the one & only Family McDermott!  Actually, I’m not really sure if every single person in this family has that last name, but that’s what we’re going to go with.  Really, it’s just the title of the post, I know the real reason you’re here is not for these words, but to see all the beautiful smiling & happy faces that are in these pics!

And, my dear Peeps of Blog, the people that are in these pics are truly, absolutely 100% gorgeous!  We had a wonderful time working with this group, and the results were fantastical magical!  I wish we could take credit for this, but the real reason for the pics being so great is that each & every one of the peeps in these pics were fabulous, and we just happened to be there with the camera.

But enough of all these words, it’s time to put them to sleep, give a huge MuchLove & ManyThanks to one & all that made these pics so great, and to all my Children of Blog – Enjoy!

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  1. aawww my lovely family!! These pictures look great I can’t wait to see them all!! Hope the vacation back home was good and Leigh and Kirby congratulations you guys!! Love you all!!


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