Monday Morning: If The Robots Took Over (MMITRTO)

So, as I sit here in this dark & lonely studio on this early Monday morning (for some of you, it may still be Sunday night – but that’s only the hardcore half-dozen or so that fall into that category), I think to myself, ‘there’s a ton of new bloggers that need to go up on said blog, and we’ve got to label this giant batch (like a batch of cookies, right?) something, so…what do we call it?

Well, seeing as how we’ve already had the ‘Monday Morning Blog Blaster’ (which, in case you never listened to that original bit of audio goodness, I suggest that you go back in time and dig that up.  It’s pure gold), so we’ve got to come up with something that is a little bit different.  Which is how we’ve gotten ourselves to, ‘Monday Morning:  If The Robots Took Over’ edition of the bliggity blog.

I know.  You’re sitting there right now thinking to yourself that this doesn’t make any sense, but does anything in life really make all that much sense?  And why would I go and try to put sense to anything?  We don’t need to make sense, we just need to put up some totally awesome super sweetly picto-snaps, and the rest can be up to you.  But…the question remains…what if you were to wake up this morning, and the robots had taken over.

Well, I’m here to help you understand what it might be like.  So travel with me now, as we imagine a place where my sweet voice was instead replaced by…ROBOTS!!!

MuchLove!  Oh…and – Enjoy!

::  click the play button, yo!  ::

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