Back By Popular Request…Blogs. Lots of Blogs (BBPRBLOB)

OK.  I’ll admit it.  I’ve been slacking on the blog of late.  It’s kind of one of those OCD things, where things get out of control, and then they get even further out of control, and then my brain can not process just how out of control that everything is, and then in some weird state of mind I decide the best thing to do is to ignore the problem, and the irony being that this is only making the process worse, and then when I look again at what stands before me, what had been a small hill is now a gigantic mountain of blog that needs to be done.

So, this is my ‘rock-bottom’, as it would be.  So, the only direction left from here is up.  And up we shall go.  We shall travel to all sorts of places (mostly the FunCenter) and we will meet all sorts of new people on this adventure that we are about to embark upon.  Your minds will be blown by what is about to hit you over the head.

For those of you that may have thought we have just not been all that busy, or we haven’t had that much going on – think again.  You don’t believe me?  Well, you’re about to be proven wrong.  Because there’s – in no particular order – about a bajillion happy pictures that are going to be smacking you up one side of your head and then down another.

Before I get to the farewell part of this post, I would like to extend the most unbelievable MuchLove to each & every person that you are about to see – without you, we are nothing.  I’m just a cook in a crappy restaurant, and Queen James is still a Sandwich Artist at Subway (not that there’s anything wrong with either of those professions, it’s just that the photo-graphy is more fun, and you don’t smell like onions at the end of the day.)

So, sit back, relax, give yourself about an hour of time go go through all of this (and, by the way, this process is probably going to take a little bit of time to get done, so keep on checking back), and be sure to – Enjoy!

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Holy Cow…We Almost Forgot To Tell You!

OK.  So check this out.  A few weeks ago we had our annual Senior Open House at the studio!  Again, it was a wonderful event and we had the opportunity to meet all sorts of wonderful people – and we would like to thank each & every person that took time out of their day in order to join us!  As usual, we also had some sweet sweet prizes to give away to those that had the chance to enter into the grand prize drawing!  Now, we actually did notify these lovely peeps right away, but we forgot to tell all of the good peeps of blog who these lucky people were! Well, without any further delay, our Grand Prize Winners this year are…