It’s The Family Weyrauch, With a Dash of Sharbono!

Whenever a dash of Sharbono is added, the results are always going to be good.  You need some proof with that statement?  Well then, my dear Friends of Blog, the proof lies just below these words in glorious full color pictoriffic form!  There’s your proof.  So the next time that you go all thinking that I’m filling you up with a bunch of jive, you just remember this moment and how I totally backed up what I said with some cold hard facts.  You heard me.  COLD.  HARD.  FACTS.

You want to know another fact?  We were so happy that we had the chance to work with this lovely family, especially since Aunt Alyssa & Uncle Dan are just about two of our most favorite peeps ever, and have been a part of o&j from just about day one!  Without them, our studio would not be as cool as it is (and it’s pretty freaking cool.)

Before I get all sentimental and start crying or something, how about instead I just give a huge MuchLove to this fantastic group for giving us a little bit of their sweet & precious time, and I remind all of you out there in your lovely little blog homes to – Enjoy!

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By otis

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