It’s The Always Lovely McKenna!

I’ve said it before.  In fact, if you look back at the past five years of blog, I’ve pretty much said all of this before.  It’s as if you can just climb on into my mind and take a trip for a while.  There’s some up’s, some down’s, but over all – it’s a good time.  As I was saying, I’ve said it before.

Sometimes you gotta work for the shot, and sometimes the shot is just given to you.  I’m going to let you in on a little something.  If you ever have the sweetlysweet opportunity of working with the always lovely McKenna, the shot is just given to you.  You just gotta make sure you’re ready to catch the shot, because she’s got no time to waste.  She’s gonna be kickin’ out the photographic jams from the moment she walks into the studio.  She’s got the goods, and she delivers the goods.  Straight up, no chaser.

What I’m trying to tell you in all sorts of ’70’s lingo is that McKenna was an absolute doll to work with!  We had a great time as she entertained us with all of her sweet poses (my personal favorite being ‘sassy’, evidenced in the first pic.)  We would now like to take a quick moment to give MuchLove to McKenna and her equally lovely assistant (Mom) for stopping by to hang with us, and to all the good peeps out there in Land of Blog – Enjoy!

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