Summer Portrait Sessions

Have you ever been sitting there thinking to yourself, ‘Man…I sure wish that I could have some sweetly pictosnaps taken of me/us/our family/our dogs/the grandkids/the kids/my friends during the summer time, and I sure wish I could get into our friends at o&j, but we know they’re always so busy with Senior Portraits & Weddings during the summer.’?

Well have I some good news for you, then!  I’m here to let you know that during the month of June we have left session times open for portraits!  No longer is there a need to fret, as you can pick up that phone and call our studio to schedule an appointment today!  Or tomorrow!  Whichever!

Some may be wondering what is so awesome about getting into us during the summer, so let me give you the skinny.  You see, contrary to popular belief, good ol’ North Dakota is not an Arctic tundra at all times (even though right now you might want to consider building an Ark) – in fact, there are oh so many wonderful places that we can take your pictures that are outside of our studio!

The session is still the same price as The Otis & James Portrait Session, the big difference is that we can get out of our indoor confines and out there in the real world, with the sun, and the birds, and flowers…hooray!  If this sounds good to you, we reccomend calling our studio at 701.838.6181, or e.mailing us at and we will get you on the path to beautiful summertime portrait sessions!


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