Looking For An Internship?!

Just Wait Until You Change Diapers!

Are you currently looking for an internship position in a super-awesome photo studio?  Then look no further!  Otis & James Photography is glad to announce that we are currently accepting applications for internships!  College internships are preferred, but high school students will be considered as well.  No experience is necessary, but individuals with a background in the creative arts are preferred.

Please call our studio at 701.838.6181 if you would like more information.  And hey – that could be you in the picture above!  Except we don’t use film cameras.  And I’m kind of hoping you don’t wear that hat.  And you probably won’t be smiling that much unless you are on some hardcore happy medication.  That’s about it.  And we didn’t take that picture.  It’s just from the internet.  OK then.


By otis

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  1. Id love to do an internship with you guys! i havent started college yet but i plan on going as soon as i can. If youd like to see the work ive done just check out my facebook page Incurable Photography. 🙂 hope to hear back from you!!

  2. A friend told me about this and it sounds like a great opportunity! I’m going to be a senior this year and I am an aspiring photographer. If you’d like to see some of my work that I’ve done you can look at my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/emily.n.larson, http://www.facebook.com/ZachAndEms?ref=ts (a page I made with a friend earlier this year), or http://www.facebook.com/pages/CreativeThinking-Photography/161370613907459?sk=wall (something brand new we just started. I am self taught but I would love to learn more. I hope you consider me because this is a great opportunity for me.
    Thank you 🙂

  3. Emily – if you are interested, please be sure to contact our studio at 701.838.6181 during our normal hours of operation. And thanks for the info!

  4. Kaycee – Be sure to contact our studio at 701.838.6181 to let us know that you are interested and so that we can get your contact information. Thank you!

  5. I called you guys today, and the lady i talked to pretty much made it clear that I dont have a chance 🙁 my whole day was ruined, but im gunna just keep my head up and hope i hear back from you guys…

  6. At this point we’re just collecting names and what the hours of availability are – the final decision is going to be primarily weighted by the hours the internship candidate is available to work. The reason being that the interns will be helping during shoots, and we already have the shoots scheduled at certain times, and our interns would be oh so bored if there was nothing for them to do!

  7. I was not able to contact anyone due to the flooding, but i was VERY interested in the internship. i was at your studio a few weeks ago and turned in my resume. not entirely sure what all else i would need to do to be considered for the internship. if you could let me know id really appreciate it! Thanks so much!


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