Now Lookee Here! It’s Mattea!

Mattea  ||  Otis & James Photography

Did you know that ‘lookee’ is a real word?  I mean, I used it in the title of this post, so it’s got to be real – because everything on the interwebz is real!  And any students out there, be sure to remember that crucial bit of information – if you saw it on the internets it has got to be real.  Next time you’re writing a paper for a class, when you’re looking for primary sources of material, why waste all of that time digging through books or accredited journals when you can just Google that junk up and BOOM!  Done deal.  Googlewebs.  It’s the future.  And that concludes my teaching for the day.

But you didn’t come here to be taught now, did you?!  No way, José!  You came here to look at the oh-so-wonderful seniorsamplesnaps of the one & only Mattea!  Because as much fun as it is to hear me fill your brains with all sorts of questionable information, it is way more fun to look at pictures!  Who needs words when you have pictures!  THE FUTURE!  IT’S HERE!  NO WORDS!  JUST PICTURES!  As a photographer, I like this future.  As a former future teacher, a solitary tear just rolled down my cheek.  But I didn’t get that teaching degree, so I don’t need all the words!  And you know what, this post doesn’t need any more words either!

But wait!  We do need to throw down a few more words.  Like, first of all, a huge MuchLove to Mattea for stopping down to the FunCenter for Pictographic Fun and letting us be a part of her Senior year – you were awesome!  And finally, to all my good peeps out there in Blogville that are probably just going to sell any books that you may still have (except for pop-up books and picture books) – Enjoy!

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