What Better Way To Start Your Day Than With Kristin!

Does that title even make sense?  Does any of this really make any sense?  If you’ve answered no to both questions, you are not alone.  But I like to amuse myself and come up with these little word ditties about the lovely people that stop by our studio to spent a little QT (that’s ‘quality time’ for you squarez that just don’t get it.  And I know I put a z in there.  That was just an even deeper square test.  Did you pass, or did you fail?) with us.  The lovely individual that I’m going to talk about today?!  It’s Kristin!

Let me tell you a little bit about something that I like to call ‘free market capitalism’…I kid.  But, in a small sense, here’s the story.  Kristin needed some senior pictures taken.  We just happened to have a photographer, equipment, studio, wiener dogs – pretty much everything that allowed us to provide that service for her.  But it was more than just a service.

My friends – the time we spent with this lovely lady were filled with magical and fantastial, with super and natural, with…well, you get the point.  And the point is…she was awesome!  But if you choose not to believe these words, instead take a little bit of time to gaze upon the samplesnaps below.  So, let us close up this meandering word mash and get to the part where we give MuchLove to Kristin for being so awesome, and where we tell all of our happy little people out there in Blogland to – Enjoy!

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