Hangin’ With Breanne!

You know that all I’m trying to do is to come up with the worst/cheesiest blog post titles that I possibly can, right?  I really don’t want any of you good peeps out there reading the titles on these things to think that we’re the kind of photographers that try to be cool but just come across as being weirdly creepy and kind of sad – because they are out there.  I’ve seen them.  I’ve been to their websites, seen their facebook pages.  I’ve died a little on the inside when going through them, but at the same time have been unable to stop looking at them in the same way that it’s hard to drive by a car accident without slowing down just a little bit to see what’s going on.  Man, I really hope that none of you reading these words are in that same boat, feeling the same way about this site as we have felt about those others.  Suddenly, this whole thing turned into a mirror looking into a mirror.  If I knew the keystroke for the infinity sign, I would use it.  Hold on.  I’ll find it…just give me a second here…¡™¢∞§§∞∞…that’s it!  So let’s try that again.  Suddenly, it’s like a mirror looking into a mirror and we’ve gone to ∞.  Mind=blown.

Speaking of Senior Portraits, we had the goodlygreat pleasure of working with the ever-lovely Breanne!  We took these pictures just the other day – we just green-screened all of the backgrounds in.  I kid.  She stopped by the FunCenter this past summerfall (that’s a new term for ‘I’m not sure what season it was) to have her seniorsnaps taken, and take them we did!

As anybody that knows Breanne can attest, she was nothing but pure joy to work with!  And because of that, we would like to thank her for being so wonderful – we would also like to give MuchLove to her, and to all of our friendly peeps keepin’ it real out there in blogland – Enjoy!

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