It’s Everett Time.

There have been many good advertising campaigns that state something along the lines of the title of this post.  At first, they started out clever and good, but then after a while when you saw an ad that was all ‘It’s [insert person/place/thing] time’ it mostly implied that whatever ad agency was in charge of creating a new campaign had pretty much given up, or had forgot that they had a deadline and whipped something up in about ten minutes.  Now, I’m not saying that’s how the title to this post came about, I’m just giving you a trip down advertising memory lane.  But you don’t need me for that.  Just watch an episode of Mad Men or something like that.

But we didn’t come here on this fine evening to talk about television or the evils of advertising.  Oh no, my dear friends of blog, we have come here to talk about a time in the not so distant past, but yet long enough ago that there were leaves on the trees and stuff like that, when we had the chance to work with a real class act, the one and only Everett!

As I stated, the man is a class act.  He could have been all, ‘I hate this!  I’m only doing this because my parents are making me!  I hate you!’ and locked himself in the dressing room, but no – he did not do any of that.  In fact, the shoot was a breeze – and the yield was something magically fantastic.  But you don’t need fancy psychedelic words to tell you these things, so instead we will take a moment to give MuchLove to Everett for stopping by o&j for the senior pics, and to all my happy people out there in Land of Blog – Enjoy!

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