McKayla…Come On Down! You’re Next Up In The Never Ending SeniorPictoSnapMadness!

Good Ol’ SeniorPictoSnapMadness.  It’s a condition that afflicts many people.  Well, I really don’t know if it’s a medically recognized condition, or if it really affect anybody other than us peeps in o&j land, but I consider it to be a true, true condition, as I’m pretty sure that I suffer from it.  Or I might be allergic to shellfish.  But enough about me, we’re here tonight, today, this morning, this evening to talk about the absolutely wonderful McKayla!

You see now, my good peeps of blogland and other surrounding communities and villages, there was this time, this day, this moment in time, this run of seconds that turned into minutes that turned into hours that made up a small part of a lifetime, and an even smaller part of the fabric of time itself when the doors of the FunCenter opened up, and in strolled the ever-lovely McKayla as she was in need of so Senior PictoSnaps (that’s an actual industry term, just ask the photographer at school that takes your ID pictures.)

At first it seemed like it was her lucky day, as we just happened to be sitting there waiting for a senior to stroll through our doors so that we could take pictures, but we soon found out that it was us that were lucky, as she was an absolute gem to work with!  But we should put all of these words away, because words never really do anything all that much justice, and we should give MuchLove to McKayla for being so awesome, and we should also tell all you peepin’ peeps out there in Land of Blog to – Enjoy!

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