Quick Teaser Senior Style || Ty!

Let me tell you something about myself that you probably don’t want to hear and really don’t care about.  I’ve got a huge head.  Ginormous.  I’ve also got a bald head.  This means that my huge mellon head can get all burned up by the Sun when it’s Sunny (that was a brilliant statement) – so this means that I should probably wear hats.  And I like hats!  The thing is, because of the largess of my head, I kind of look like a freak in most hats.  In fact, just about all hats.  This is my burden.  This is my first world problem.  I will always look like some sort of a circus clown whenever I wear a hat.  And then, a gentleman like Ty has to come along and really rub it in that I’ll never look good in a hat – because he’s just straight up owning his hat.  Like a pro.  The way it should be.  As much as I want to say hurumph to people like him, I have respect.  And MuchLove – because that’s how we roll at o&j.  Now, to my peeps out there in Land of Blog with various hat sizes – Enjoy!

By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


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