Senior Quick Teaser || Oh Look! It’s Logan!

If I could take all of the good things in the world, and put them into a picture, the picture would probably look like the picture that is below these words.  And that picture is of Logan.  And Logan is good.  In fact, Logan is just not good, she is wondrous.  Like the brightest star in the sky whose light shines upon your face and warms your heart; filled with goodness and grace!

Now with that being said, her sisters might tell you a different story (we’ve had the incredibly great pleasure of taking all of their senior pictosnaps.)  I’m just basing it upon the awesomeness that is contained in the picture below these rambling words.  But, with that being said as well, I’m pretty sure that Logan was an absolute treat to work with (as her sisters were), and we couldn’t be any happier that she made the trek back to Minot so that we could be a part of her senior year!

So, now that I’ve laid down all of those words, it’s time that we put the words away, give MuchLove to Logan (and her lovely family for supporting the o&j throughout the years!) and it’s time to tell you, the good People of Blog, to – Enjoy!

By otis

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