Senior Quick Teaser || Loni!

Check this out.  You ready?  I mean…are you really ready?  ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?  Are you ready for the goods?  Are you ready to rumble?  Are you ready for the main event?  Are you ready to be hit over the head with a rockem-sockem superawesome senior quick teaser that is going to knock your house down, blow your socks off, melt your faces?  Are you ready for that?  You sure?  You really sure about that?  You better think about it…you done thinking?  Because there’s no going back now, because I’m about to unleash the awesomeness that is Loni on this blog world!

Yeah.  Not joking around.  You lost your house, your face melted, you don’t have socks, you’ve rumbled, your head is hurting – but you know what?  You got the goods.  But wait!  Before you get to the goods, we got to give MuchLove to Loni for taking part in superseniorsnaps at the o&j funcenter for fun, and to all my good peeps of blog out there keepin’ on keepin’ on – Enjoy!

By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


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