Senior Quick Teaser || With Taylor

Here we go again, like some sort of an awesome music video from the 1980’s, we’re just dancing all over the hoods of cars and stuff, you with me?  You dig?  You don’t?  Well, I’ve really not got the time to explain the inner workings of my brain (I’ll leave that to various health care professionals) but what I do have time for is bringing the goods that are known as the quick teaser of the one & only Taylor!

What can I say about him that has’t already been said.  Well, seeing as how I haven’t really said anything about him, I guess that technically the answer to that question could go on forever.  But we don’t have forever – we just have now.  And what I’m going to say, in fact, what I am saying is that Taylor came to the studio, tore the roof off the joint (not literally, otherwise it would have been really hot in here today) and we got the goods.  So there!  The man is awesome!  But we don’t need to tell you that, I’m sure you already know.  So instead, I will not give MuchLove to Taylor for being an awesome gent, and to the good peeps of Blog on an evening so fine – Enjoy!

By otis

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