Aryn & Brandon

Imma gonna tell you a little story.  It’s about a senior portrait shoot that was a long, long time ago, in a studio just down the street from our current studio.  And back in this time that was so long ago we had the goodly great pleasure of working with this lovely lady named Aryn for her Senior Portraits (now, I’m just going to tell you that if you happen to click on that link you got to remember that this was 2005.  Aryn was – and is – beautiful, it’s just that our style has…grown?  Grown.  Definitely going with grown.)

And here we are seven years later on her wedding day!  Moments like this are awesome – we get to see such momentous times in our clients lives.  Crazy.  But enough of all this mystical talk, let’s just get to the part where we give this couple MuchLove, and thank them for being so awesome (as usual) to work with!  And, to the rest of you happy peeps out there in Blogville – Enjoy!

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