A Senior Quick Teaser || Featuring Myles!


I don’t know why I always feel the need to put stuff like ‘Featuring Myles’ in the title of the post.  After all, most peeps looking at this thing probably already know that it is Myles, and if they don’t know that it is him, then maybe he doesn’t want them to know that it is him.  And that, my friends, is how you construct a run-on sentence.

But back to Myles.

Let me break it down for you real simple like.  Myles.  O&J.  Good times.  That’s all you gotta know.  I’m not going to waste your time with all sorts of extraneous information that you don’t need clogging your brain, I’m just gonna keep it simple for you.  Nice and easy.  Just how we do.  We got to give MuchLove to Myles for stopping by the studio, and to all of our good peeps out there in Land of Blog on this fall day – Enjoy!


By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.


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