A Senior Quick Teaser || And This Time It’s Shanta!


Do we have time for another one?  That is a question often asked by people performing on stage, you know…it’s one of them rock-n-roll clichés, akin to ‘how you all doin’ out there tonight’ and ‘are you ready to rock’ or ‘thank you Cleveland’ – there all part of the big playbook of phrases they can use but already know the answer too.  And I already know the answer to this one too.  Yes.  We have time for another one.  Because this is the Interwebz, silly.  Time doesn’t matter.  But what does matter is that this quick teaser pic is of the completely wondrous Shanta!

And the other thing that matters is that not only did Shanta come to the FunCenter to take her sweetlyseniorsnaps, she also just happened to completely dominate.  She owned the session.  She rocked, she rolled – she was (and is) awesome.  And that’s a fact jack.  So we don’t need any clichés, all we need to do is give MuchLove to Shanta for being so incredibly awesome, and to all my good People of Blogville enjoying this fine evening or morning or afternoon – Enjoy!


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