A Senior Quick Teaser || With Mary!

Have you heard the word?  The word is the bird!  But also, the word is that we’re about to get a case of some rockem-sockem pictoriffic goodness from the one & only Mary!  That, my friends is the word.  I don’t know why everyone keeps talking about the bird being the word.  I don’t know who this ‘bird’ is nor do I have time to figure it all out.  So…you can just keep your bird stories to yourself, because the one that I have is much better.

And that story would be about how a lovely lady that goes by the name of Mary stopped by the o&j FunCenter and wanted to chill with us, because we’re cool and stuff, and then she decided that as long as she was her she might as well have some pictures taken, so we were all like ‘yeah’ and stuff, and then it was all cool because Mary was totally awesome and without her our day would have been worthless – but instead she not only made it worthwhile, she made it wondrous!

See?  Told you my story was more better.  Now is the time when I send MuchLove to Mary for letting us be just a wee small little part of her senior year, and I remind you good people of Blogville to – Enjoy!


By otis

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