A Senior Quick Teaser || Finally…It’s Ciara!

You know, I’m just going to let the title of this post take the place of the majority of the words that I would normally type into this space. Well, maybe I will put a few words here.  You see, there was a time that wasn’t all that long ago but yet was still a little bit ago when I was given a big ol’ list of Senior Quick Teasers to put online – and I did!  With the exception of one…the incredibly lovely Ciara.

Why did I not do this, you ask?  Because as one of my employee’s has told me, I am a BOSS.  A Big Old Stupid Stupid.  I messed up.  Thought I had done my job, but didn’t.  But I’m not going to let anyone else take the blame, it’s all on me, good ol’ Otis.  So now, I offer up not only the traditional MuchLove to Ciara for being so incredibly awesome (and patient) – but I offer up my apologies for being such a BOSS.  But enough of all these words!  We need to get to the good part where everyone get’s to look at the quick teaser and I remind everyone to – Enjoy!


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