Awww Shucks…It’s Megan!

Megan!Sometimes I like to use my ‘aww shucks’ voice to make it seem like I’m just a simple & humble country boy, just doin’ what I gotta do to get by.  Nobody believes it.  But I still try.  But I’m going to give you something to believe in right now, and that’s the fact that on a day not all that long ago the everlovely Megan stopped by the o&j to have some senior pictosnaps taken, and my friends – she was absolutely wondrous in every way possible!

But I’m sure anybody that knows Megan could tell you the exact same thing.  But I guess that not everyone knows her, so I’m here to tell the whole world the truth.  Straight up. But enough of these words.  We need to send MuchLove to Megan for being such a gem, and to all my happy peeps out there in Digital Blog World (DBW, for those in the know) – Enjoy!

By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.



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