Get Up! Get Down! It’s Kristen!



It doesn’t make a difference what you decide to do.  You can get up get up now get down – either way it’s time for us to get some Kristen up on the bliggityblog my babies!  As this is going up, it is the morning time – you might be reading this at some other time and that doesn’t make no difference, but taking a sneak-peak at this seniorsuperhshoot is a wonderful way to start a day, if you ask me.  Not that you have asked me but I sort of kind of have a bully pulpit here.

These words, they make no sense – so it’s time for us to move on and send MuchLove to Kristen for being so awesome and stopping by Center for Fun and the studio of…Fun?  Whatever.  Thank you so much to her, and to all my shiny happy peeps out there in Blogland being awesome as usual – Enjoy!

By otis

I'm cheese. Velveeta, specifically.



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