Billy. This Just Got Real.

Sartwll.BillyHow do we like to start our Mondays around the o&j?  With happy blog pictures.  And granted, this is being posted at about one in the afternoon, but technically Monday is a day off for us, so one is a good time to get things started it.  It’s not that we haven’t been doing things, it’s just that we haven’t been all bliggityblog with our time so far.  But that’s changing.  Effective immediately.  And what better way to lead off this wonderful day off for us in the Land of Blog than with the seniorsamplesnap of the one & only Billy!

There was a time, there was a place, etc..  You know how that old song and dance goes, so I’ll spare you from the regular routine of things.  What I won’t spare you from, however, is letting you know how great it was to work with Billy and how awesome his shoot went – and I’m not sparing you those details because they are straight truth.  No jive, my friends…no jive.  So we need to give MuchLove for being such a willing participant in this great Otis & James experiment called pictosnaps, and to all my peeps out there in Blogland making it through another Monday by any means possible – Enjoy!


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