Logan Time.


Logan!In continuing with our series of Wednesday evening ‘time’ posts, it’s not time for us (no pun intended) to have some Logan time.  Are you ready for it?  Can you handle it?  Is your seat in an upright position?  Are you strapped in?  Good.  Because Logan time is awesome time.  Straight up, my peeps.

We’ve known Logan for about ever it seems like, and finally it’s his turn for some sweetlysweet senior pictosnaps!  We’ve had the goodlygreat pleasure of working with his family since we were just starting out and we couldn’t be any happier that it is now his turn to be the main event.  Also it would have been sad if we had been on the interwebz and seen that he had gone somewhere else.  I mean, we would have been cool with it, as choice is an important part of life and freedom and all that jazz, but on the inside we would have been crying.  So thank you, Logan, for not making us cry on the inside.

Not only did he not make us cry on the inside, he was also totally and completely awesome (duh – as if we expected anything else.)  Our time with him was fleeting, but we will always have this her blog post to remind us of that day… – poetic.  Huh.  Anyway, now is the time that we give MuchLove to Logan for being so awesome, and to all me peeps out there in Blogville – Enjoy!


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