Summer Flashback // MacKenzie!

MacKenzie!Seeing as how we apparently are in the depths of winter, me thinks it be an appropriate time to take a small trip down memory lane to a time when there was no snow on the ground, when you didn’t have to worry about wearing multiple layers or if your car would start in the morning.  All the way back to a time that really wasn’t all that long ago, but seems like a lifetime ago.  And we’re going to start this trip with the one & only MacKenzie!

If memory serves, there was a time, there was a studio, there was a photographer, and then there was senior pictographic magic that went down, as is evidenced by the picture above these non-sensical words.  The time and the place really aren’t that important – what is important is that MacKenzie gave us a little bit of her sweet & precious time to let us take said pictosnaps, and the results were fantastic!

But again, you don’t need these words to tell you that.  All you really gotta do is look at the pic above these words to know that I’m shooting straight here.  But enough with these words.  It’s time for us to send MuchLove to MacKenzie for being so wonderful to work with, and to tell all you good peeps out there in Land of Blog just waiting for a day when it gets to double digits above zero to – Enjoy!

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