Summer Flashback // Tre!

Tre!Summertime flashback continues, and this time we have the one & only Tre!  What can I say about Tre that hasn’t already been said.  That sentence in no way fits in here.  In fact, that sentence should be delivered at the end of a Comedy Central Roast (or for those of you old enough to remember when they were Friar’s Club Roasts – but I digress.)  But I guess if you want to get all technical, someone somewhere has most likely said something about Tre, and I guess that these words are only adding on to whatever has been said about Tre in the past…so maybe that sentence does work?  Whatever.  It’s there.  Back to the matter at hand.  Tre!

There was a day, there was a photog, there was a Tre.  All three of these combined in some sort of cosmic explosion of goodness and the results were fantasticallymagical.  I’m not joking around here folks.  Goodness happened.  But you don’t need to take my words for it, you can just glance up a little bit and see that goodness did indeed happen.  So there.  But now I’m just getting mean spirited or something.

So let’s just leave these words, send MuchLove to Tre for letting us be a little part of his senior year, and remind all of you out there in Blogdale to – Enjoy!



By otis

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