Shelby Time. Yay!!

Like I’ve told all y’all before, I’ve pretty much given up on trying to come up with titles to these blog posts that tax my mind in any way shape or form.  The problem is that you can’t have duplicate titles – so if we’ve ever had a Shelby before I have to add an extra word or two in order for the title to not be Shelby-2.  Which is a really depressing title.  It’s like getting mail at your house that is just addressed to ‘occupant.’  I mean, sure, that is you – but at that moment you realize that you are just an occupant to these people.  Not a name, not a person, just somebody occupying space in an abode until the next person occupies the same space.  And that’s just straight depressing.  And we don’t roll that way.  Nope.  We keep depression at bay thanks to the good folks at Merck® & Pfizer®.  But enough about us.

As the title says, it’s Shelby time!  And that’s a pretty darned good time for it to be if you ask me, and frankly I really don’t care if you’ve asked me or not because this is my blog and I’ll tell you what time it is.  But these words, enough of them!  Instead let us give MuchLove to Shelby for stopping by the FunCenter to have her senior pictosnaps taken, and to all you’s out there in Land of Blog – Enjoy!


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