TBT w/Callie!

We’re just gonna let the good times roll on this whole #tbt thing, and this time we’re going to do it with style, as it’s time for the absolutely fabulous Callie!  AbFab is what we could call her for short, but let’s just stick with Callie, seeing as that is the name that I’m guessing most everybody uses to identify her.

So Callie…where to begin?  How about there was this time that we were just sitting at the studio waiting for something exciting to happen to our lives, and who should walk in but Callie!  She needed the senior pictosnaps taken and we happened to have the stuff to take the senior pictosnaps, so it was a match made in heaven!  Speaking of made in heaven, that’s what the tags of my clothes say, but enough about me.

Callie was truly wonderful to work with and our time together was too short & sweet, but she couldn’t live at the studio as her family might start to question what kind of a racket we’re running.  So to Callie, we send MuchLove, and to all you good peeps out there in Land of Blog staying warm on a cold winters night – Enjoy!


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