TBT w/Gabby!

As a true sign to you that this is definitely a #tbt pic, I’m pretty sure that all you have to do is look at it and yearn for a time when there were still leaves on the trees…a time when you could be outside without risk of hypothermia or having to put on seventeen layers.  So totes not joking around here with the ‘throwback’ nomenclature.  We’re goin’ back in time my babies.

But we’re doing so for good reason – and that reason is the oh so lovely Gabby!  Now, some of you may be wondering what it is that we are doing here, so I’ll lay it down for you.  There was a time, there was a place, there was a Gabby, there was a Jamie, there were pictures taken and BOOM.  Here we are.  Pretty simple.

So now we send MuchLove to Gabby for being so wonderful to work with, and to all you good peeps out there in Land of Blog just doing whatever it is that you do (I don’t even want to know) – Enjoy!


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By otis

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