More Good. Now With Marissa!

I’ve just given up on English as the native language for these blog posts, so just stick with me and we’ll go places, ok?  Great.  Now that we’ve got that out of the way, it’s time for us to take another small trip down memory lane to a place and a time when the otis james photo center (alternate name/ultimately rejected) opened the doors and into our lives strolled the one & only Marissa!

Now, she wasn’t here to sell us girl scout cookies or even a set of knives, nope…none of that.  She was here to have some totally awesome seniorpictosnaps taken!  And thank goodness because we don’t need another set of knives, although I will admit that the Girl Scout cookies do sound good but I digress.  Marissa was awesome to work with, but you don’t need any of these words to tell you that, all you have to do is look at the picture below these words to know that I’m not joshing you!  No offense to Josh.  But wait!  Before you move your eyes down the page and look at the goodness that awaits, we need to send MuchLove to Marissa for stopping by and spending some of her time with us (time is money after all) and for all you good peeps out there in Blogville waiting for spring to…spring? – Enjoy!


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