Get Down Now It’s Spencer!

The wheels of the Otis & James Bullet Train (we’ve upgraded from the old jalopy that we used to have) keep on turning and the next stop on this tour of whatever it is that we do (I think it’s pictures but I’m easily confused) is with the one & only Spencer!  My friends.  I come to you today with the news that there was this day and there was this time and there was an intersection of the Spencer and the o to the j and the results, my dear dear friends, were wonderful.

But all of these words, what is the point if there aren’t any samplesnaps to back up the statements that I’m making.  So I will now leave this world of tippytappying on the Keyboard of Otis (it’s solid gold and sits on a mountaintop) and will now send MuchLove to Spencer for giving us a little bit of his time, and to all my peeps out there in Blogville doing what they can to hold on to every last drop of summer that we have – Enjoy!

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By otis

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