It’s Alyssa Time!

You see, there is time – the kind of time that we use to measure the way the Earth revolves around the sun and rotation of said Earth and how this affects our day and movements and activities and how it allows us to perceive length in relation to our existence, and then there is Alyssa Time!

Alyssa time requires much less theoretical thinking and makes my brain hurt a lot less.  Alyssa time is filled to the brim with happiness and goodness as is evidenced by the oh-so-happy pictures below these words.  And Alyssa time for the o&j was all to quick as she stopped in to have her superseniorpictosnaps taken.

But the thing about time is that we have this ability to capture moments of it via our magic camera machine – so we’ll always have the visual memories of that moment when we shared some time together!  I think my mind is going to explode now.  So, before that happens we need to give Alyssa MuchLove for stopping by and letting us share some of her…time?  And to all you other good peeps out there in Blogville just wastin’ time – Enjoy!


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By otis

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