Afternoon Break: Jenna Time!

Let’s continue this afternoon siesta that we’re taking on a hot fall day with a visit from the lovely Jenna!  I’m going to break this one down real easy for you now.  Jenna needed some senior pics because…you know…she’s a senior.  So she decided to stop by the Otis and the James to have some seniorpictosnaps taken.  Because of being a senior and what-not.  And we, being the pictosnappers happened to have a studio and cameras and stuff, so it was kind of a match made in heaven, you know?!

Now I suppose you’re asking yourself, ‘self…how did these seniorpictosnaps turn out?’ – well, you can tell your self that they turned out just fine.  In fact, they turned out better than fine they were completely awesome – and that’s because Jenna was completely awesome to work with!  We just happened to have studio/cameras/stuff.  Not really sure what this ‘stuff’ is that I keep mentioning but I’m sure we’ve got it in a box in the basement somewhere.  But enough about that.

We need to send MuchLove to Jenna for letting us be a small part of her senior year, and to all of my Little Friends of Blog (LFOB’s) – Enjoy!

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