So the last time I tippytappytyped one of these blog posts up I mentioned my first experience seeing the band Phish.  So, as long as I’m at it I might as well keep going.  I’ve seen Phish play at the Kohl Center in Madison, Wisconsin.  FANTASTIC show.  And now it all makes sense to me.  Every Senior that we have ever worked with is just one degree away from a Phish show that I attended.  I SEE THE PATTERN NOW.

But, moving on from crazy talk, we had the wonderfully awesome pleasure of working with the one & only Madison (which is first & foremost a lovely name!) and I’m gonna let you in on a little secret – she was awesome.  But you knew that because YOUR SNEAKY EYES LOOKED AT THE SAMPLESNAPS ALREADY but I’ll forgive you because srizzlesslly come on they are awesome!  MuchLove to Madison for stopping by the o and the j and letting us take the seniorpics, and to all of you wonderful people out there in Blogland doing whatever it is that you do – Enjoy!

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