Oh Look…Paige!

As long as we’re sitting here in the midst of what could be considered (and actually in considered) ‘far from summer,’ let us now take a break from freezing for the season and take a small trip back in time to a magical place where we had the good fortune of working with the one & only Paige!

The way that I worded that sentence is an absolute nightmare, because the implication is that we were actually in some sort of a magical place, which I guess Minot is the ‘Magic City’ but I’ve never seen somebody turn a balloon into a rabbit here.  It was more of a magical time – and the reason for that was not just because a person could be outside in short sleeves, it was because we had the chance to work with Paige – and she made it truly magical!

But you don’t need these words to tell you that, all you gotta do is just look at the samplesnaps below and know that what I say is the truth.  But before you do that, we need to send MuchLove to Paige for stopping by the o and the j, and we also need to tell all you good peeps out there in Blogland to – Enjoy!

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