Time Out For Kyle.

Seriously, just running out of ideas of what the titles of the blog posts should be, but they really don’t matter anyway.  The only thing that matters is that there was this time, there was this place, and that place was the o&j, and that time was a time when there were leaves on the trees and there was a man by the name of Kyle that stopped by to have some seniorpics taken.

And that leads us to today as I look out the window and see that everything is covered with a layer of ice and I tell you a true story about how awesome Kyle was to work with and how our time together was all too short & sweet.  But during that time we got some pictographic goodness, so the time was well spent – and that’s because Kyle was completely easy to work with.  Who am I kidding it wasn’t work it was just good times, straight up.

But enough of these words, let’s get to the part where I send MuchLove to Kyle for being so great to work with, and I tell all you peeps out there doing their peep things to – Enjoy!

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By otis

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