I don’t need to write anything up here in this space.  I mean, I could just post these pictures below these words of Sheyenne and call it a day.  But somehow, deep down in my heart I would feel as if I was letting you down somehow.  But I don’t think that I’d actually be letting you down, I think that when I look in side my mind [ed. Thats a treacherous road – you sure you want to venture there] that I would actually be letting myself down.

And I would be letting myself down because I wouldn’t be letting all y’all know how wonderful Sheyenne is, and how great she was to work with during her seniorpictosnap session!  And I need to tell you that!  And I need to stop starting sentences with the word ‘and’ because I can feel the death glare of my college comp teacher burning a hole in my soul for doing so (shoutout to Dr. Sauer.)  But whatever, I’m not being graded on this.  Judged, yes.  But not graded so whatevs.  Back to the point.

We need to send MuchLove to Sheyenne for taking a little bit of time out of her senior year and spending it at the o&j, and we need to tell all you pleasant peeps out there in your happy little worlds to – Enjoy!

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By otis

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