Then there was this one time when the doors of the FunCenter opened up and into our lives strolled the one & only Will and his purpose for strolling into the Center for Fun was to have some senior pictures taken so then we were all like ‘yeah we got a camera and this studio and stuff so let’s do this seniorpictosnap thing’ and so then he was all ‘that’s cool’ and so we kept on strolling right on back to the studio and we let the good times roll and we knew it was going to be good when we could feel it move our soul but I think I’m quoting a song but you get the point and our time with Will was all too short and sweet but had it gone any longer maybe it wouldn’t have been so awesome but questions like that are better left to the scholars and not to the photographers so instead we just need to send Will MuchLove for taking the leap with us (just to clarify we didn’t get married we just took some senior pics but I had to come up with something cliched to say there) and to all of you good people out there in Blogland wondering when this sentence is going to end – Enjoy!

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By otis

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