Round and round the Otis & James Wheel of Senior Flashbacks goes, and this time we land on the letter K…which stands for Katelyn!  Which is good, because it’s time for us to take a look at some samplesnaps from the senior shoot of Katelyn.  Coincidence…it’s what’s for dinner.  Well.  I’m just going to end this sentence and get out of this paragraph.

Katelyn stopped by the FunCenter on a day that was not really all that long ago when  you start looking at the whole history of everything, but long enough ago that there were leaves on trees and you could lounge on furniture in an alleyway.  wut.  Well, whatever.  The point is that it’s time to look at these pics because they are awesome!  And they’re not awesome because of anything that we did, they are awesome because Katelyn is straight up awesome – as I’m sure anybody that knows her can tell you!  So we gotta take a second to send out MuchLove to Katelyn for choosing the o and the j, and we gotta also tell you Peeps of Blog to – Enjoy!

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