I Need You To Dig This Noise. It’s The Family Miller!

Ahh yes.  Words.  I used to be quite the wordsmith with these whole blog thangs, but the words dried up (more like me brain fried up), and sometimes it just gets so craa8zy that [ed.  Really?  Did you put an ‘8’ in there?  This isn’t MySpace, and you’re not 14.] that we need to just get the smiley happy pics up for everyone to enjoy!

But I would be remiss if I didn’t put a couple of words up for this loverly family, because they are part of the original o&j.  They are the original (not the bar).  They are the Alpha.  They are the bedrock.  I’m telling you these things because they are part of our family and always will be!  So, we wish them a Merry Christmas, and thank them for being awesome.  Not just that 30 hours a week awesome, but that 24/7 365 awesome.  So, MuchLove to this beautiful family (Steve, it’s all you baby), and to me good peeps of blog – Enjoy!

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