Lovely Katie!

And isn’t she lovely?  That’s a rhetorical question.  Because she is lovely.  Not just on the outside (duh) – but as a person too!  And that’s really all that matters.  We take pictures of all sorts of people all the time, and what truly makes a wonderful pic is when the person that we are so lucky to work with is a truly lovely individual – and that was (and is) the case with Katie!

Our time with Katie was all to short & sweet, but it didn’t make a difference, because we got the goods.  The goods were gotten.  All of the goods were ours to be got.  But don’t take my word for it, just take a look at the samplesnaps below these words and you’ll know that what I’m telling you is truth, straight up.  Straight up truth tellin’ – it’s what I do.  Most of the time.  But in this instance I am def telling the truth.

But all of these words I’m typing they are taking away from the time when you should be looking at the samplesnaps below.  So let us know send MuchLove to Katie for letting the 0&j be a small part of your senior year (and for being so lovely,) and to all you wonderful people out there in front of your cell phones and iPads and whatnot – Enjoy!

Look Here…It’s Evan!

Really.  That’s all I want you to do.  Just look here, and you will see Evan!  But – and at no extra charge to you, the loyal looker of senior samplesnaps – not only will you see Evan, but you will also see the wonderfulness that he brought to our short time together at the otis and the james for his pics.

And that’s the goods.  Straight up.  It’s not just about seeing the pics, it’s about knowing that the person that’s in the pics not only showed up, but was also completely and totally awesome to work with.  But don’t take my word for it, just click on the pics below these words and you’ll know that I’m telling you the straight story.  But wait!  Before you do that we need to send MuchLove to Evan for stopping by the FunCenter for the seniorpics, and to all you good people out there in your internets doing your internets thing – Enjoy!

It’s Nicole Time!!

We continue our slight detour from the wintry bliss that we find ourselves dwelling in for a quick visit to a time when a lovely lady by the name of Nicole stopped by the o and the j for some sweetlysweet senior snaps and to also just be awesome like she always is and I’m here to tell you that she succeeded with both.  The pics were awesome, she was awesome.  Awesome x2.

Now I could just continue with all of these words telling you about awesome this and awesome that, or I could just get to the part where we send MuchLove to Nicole for letting us borrow a little bit of her sweet & precious time, and then I could tell of of you good peeps out there doing whatever it is that gets you through the day to – Enjoy!

The Wonderful Alyssa!

When I tell you in the title that it’s The Wonderful Alyssa, I’m not joking around.  Don’t believe me?  Think I would lead you astray?  Thinking that after all these years of telling you the straight dope that I would suddenly start throwing you jive?  Why you gotta think like that?  I’m just going to pretend like you never thought that at all and that we are cool.  See.  We’re cool now.  I let it go.  Because I’m telling you the truth – Alyssa was & is absolutely wonderful!

Our time together was all too short & sweet, but during this magic time we made some sweet pics.  But you don’t have to believe me on this one, all you have to do us just look at the pics below these words and know that I’m telling you the truth!  So now we gotta give MuchLove to Alyssa for being so wonderful, and we also gotta tell all you happy peeps out there in Blogland to – Enjoy!

Look! It’s Payton!

Really, all y’all need to look, because below these words are the ever-lovely Payton!  You see, there was a time not all that long ago but that feels like a lifetime ago because by looking at the happy pics below these silly words you can see sun and leaves and happy…those were the days.

But enough reminiscing of the days that used to be, now is the time for us to send MuchLove to Payton for letting us take some pics and to be a little part of her senior year, and now is also the time that I’m going to tell you to – Enjoy!


I just had to wait until her month.  And then it would be time to see the superawesome samplesnaps from her Senior Portrait session.  And that’s all I gotta say.

Well, I also gotta say that she was absolutely incredible to work with and we send her MuchLove for being one of our seniorpeeps.  Oh, and we also gotta tell all you good citizens of Blogville to – Enjoy!

It’s Time. Tyrel Time.

Do you really need any sort of an explanation of what’s going on here?  Because if you haven’t figured it out by now you should probably rethink using the internet.  Tyrel.  Senior Pictures.  SampleSnaps.  Boom.  Done.  See how easy that was!

Not off the hook yet, though.  We gotta send MuchLove to Tyrel for letting us be a small part of his senior year, and we also gotta tell all you shiny & happy peeps out there in Blogville to – Enjoy!

Oh Look…Paige!

As long as we’re sitting here in the midst of what could be considered (and actually in considered) ‘far from summer,’ let us now take a break from freezing for the season and take a small trip back in time to a magical place where we had the good fortune of working with the one & only Paige!

The way that I worded that sentence is an absolute nightmare, because the implication is that we were actually in some sort of a magical place, which I guess Minot is the ‘Magic City’ but I’ve never seen somebody turn a balloon into a rabbit here.  It was more of a magical time – and the reason for that was not just because a person could be outside in short sleeves, it was because we had the chance to work with Paige – and she made it truly magical!

But you don’t need these words to tell you that, all you gotta do is just look at the samplesnaps below and know that what I say is the truth.  But before you do that, we need to send MuchLove to Paige for stopping by the o and the j, and we also need to tell all you good peeps out there in Blogland to – Enjoy!