2010…The Year in Review (aka ‘What Happened in Bullet Point Form’)

2010.  What a year.  It was a year where if you multiplied the last two numbers by two you would get the first two numbers.  I know.  I’m blowing your mind, but try to stick with me here.  Not only was there this weird math thing going on, we also had a lot going on in the world of o&j.

Now, I suppose that some out there in Blogville might be thinking that due to the lack of recent posts all up in this place, that we’ve gone into early retirement, but that is far…far…far from the case.  So, enough with these non bullet point words, and on to the year in stats.

In the year of our Lord, Two-Thousand and Ten, we at the Otis & James FunCenter for Fun did the following:

  • We shot a total of 25 weddings across the state, and in the process travelled 3,840+ miles to do so!
  • We had the pleasure of photographing 125 seniors, and we’re not done yet with the class of 2011!
  • Over 300 portrait sessions.  Parents, children grandparents, cats, dogs…you name it.  We did it!
  • We shot approximately 275,000 raw images, which have been edited down to 1.83 TB of final corrected images, and in the process have burned hundreds of backup DVD’s to keep your images happy & safe!
  • We hosted one concert and one fundraiser in our studio, raising over $10,500 for incredible charities!

And then…..

Jamie started cookin’ up a baby in her belly!