Darling Hope!

HopeI don’t think I’ve ever used the word ‘darling’ in the title of one of these things, but there always has to be a first for something, I guess. Some words are buzz words that go in and out with the years.  For example, I believe the smart people at Oxford Dictionaries have declared ‘selfie’ to be their 2013 word of the year – it was between that and ‘twerk.’  Thank God selfie won.  The point of all this is that words may come in and out of fashion.  A word that is buzzy & catchy one year may find itself dusty and outdated in another year.  Think of all the poor portrait studio’s from the 1980’s named ‘RAD Photography!’ or ‘Totally Awesome Snaps!’ or the studios in the 1990’s that were called ‘Whatever Photography’ – at the time, pretty rad/awesome/whatever, but now….meh.  And I guess now we could have ‘…Meh’ Photography (Google it…it’s there.)

But here’s the deal.  Words come and go.  Catch phrases are cool than not (no soup for you.)  But something that is timeless is somebody like Hope!  Her effervescent personality lit up our lives for the short time she was with us for her senior pictosnaps (that word is an o&j original and I’m sticking with it until the end of time thank you very much) and that time was all to short & sweet.  But we will always have the pics to remind us of what once was…

But enough of all this sentimentality, what we really need to do is give Hope MuchLove for stopping down to the o&j and for being such a gem to work with, and we need to tell all you good people out there in Land of Blog to – Enjoy!


The Lovely Mylie!

Mylie!Again, my peeps…I don’t know what we do, or what we have done to get so lucky.  Take for example Mylie.  She’s right above these words.  And if I were  you, I wouldn’t even be reading these words, I would just be looking at the lovely picture and thinking, ‘now that is a lovely picture of a lovely lady.’  That being said, I also want you to read these words too, but totes don’t blame you if you don’t.

Back to the topic at hand – and that’s Mylie.  The doors to the FunCenter (that’s what those in the know like to call it) flew open, and into our lives on a day that wasn’t all that long ago but long enough ago that Mylie was wearing a dress in the outside and it doesn’t look like she’s freezing – where was I?  Oh yes…the doors flew open and into our lives strolled the ever-lovely Mylie!

She just wasn’t here to deliver the mail or anything either.  Nope.  We have a postal carrier for that.  Mylie was here to have some superawesome seniorpictosnaps taken, and I’m here to tell you that she did just that.  Not lying.  Just telling it to you how it is and how it was and how it will be.  I lost myself in that sentence.  Let’s see if I can find a way out.

But enough of all this crazy jibberjabber – it’s time for us to give MuchLove to Mylie for stopping by FunCenter and allowing us to take her senior pics, and it’s also time for us to tell all you good peeps out there in Blogville to – Enjoy!


Time To Get Real. It’s Harold!

Harold!I don’t know if Harold goes by Harold, or if he goes by Harry, or Hank, or Hap (Hap?) or just plain H.  You see, I just have some paperwork that I’m going off of, and we get the full name.  And sometimes this is the name that our peeps like to use, or sometimes this is only the name that their grandmothers use when addressing them.  For example, I’m Otis.  Or I’m Matthew.  For some people, I’m Matt (but the number of people that call me that decreases by the year) and occasionally I’m Matty.  But I’ll let you in on a secret.  Please don’t call me Matty.  Not offense to any Matty’s out there, it’s just that being called that variant of my name is like fingernails on the chalkboard to me.  But my peeps.  You didn’t come here to find out weird non-sensical information about me, you came here because of the one & only Harold!

You see now, there was this day, and there was this dude, and there was this studio, and there was this camera, and there were these lenses, and then there was this.  Right here.  And that’s how it went down.  You don’t need to know anything else other than Harold stopped by the Otis & James FunCenter for Fun and Stuff to have his senior pictosnaps taken, and our time with him was wonderful.  He was top notch, straight up.

But these words, we must make them stop.  Before we do, we must give MuchLove to Harold for stopping by the o to the j and letting us be a small part of his senior year, and to all my other good Peeps of Blog out there collecting acorns for winter storage – Enjoy!


Hold On To Your Hats…It’s Tania!

Tania!I don’t know if you have a hat.  I don’t know if you’re wearing one.  When people wonder what it is that we do in the middle of the night here in the world of Otis & James Photog., some of our time is spent wondering if you are wearing a hat.  And the rest of the time is working diligently to put happy pictures up on blog for all of you to see!

For example, behold!  It’s Tania!  A perfect example of beautiful happy picture for all of you to take in and brighten up your day!  Alas, my good peeps of blog, we do wish there was a way for us to take credit for Tania being so wonderful, but it’s just a part of her DNA – and it shone through during her shoot.  She was, quite simply…awesome.  And that’s a fact, Jack.  You can take it to the bank.  But enough of these weird old 1970’s cliches, let’s get to the goods.

And the goods is where we give MuchLove to Tania and her lovely family for stopping by the Otis and the James and letting us take some pictosnaps – you all’s were awesomesauce!  And to my good peeps out there in Land of Blog just doing what you gotta do to keep sane in this wild world we live in – Enjoy!


Halloween Pics! Now Online!


In case you haven’t heard already, pics from Halloween are online & ready for your viewing!  CLICK THIS GIANT LINK to access the gallery page – and a huge thank you to everyone that stopped down to have your pics taken…you are all beautiful!


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2013 Holiday Cards // Now Online!

Blog Post Sample

It’s November!  And that means that HOLY CRAP IT’S PRACTICALLY CHRISTMAS!  Which also means that we have all of our holiday card information online and ready for you to take in!  There are a ton of new template cards to choose from (that are really cool), and as usual you can always have a custom card designed.  You can either click the ‘Holiday Cards’ tab in our navigation bar (that was technical) or you can just CLICK THIS GIANT LINK to begin the odyssey of goodness that are the 2013 Otis & James Holiday Cards!


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