The Lovely Kylie!

Enough of all this waiting around to see a samplesnap from the everlovely Kylie…let’s do this thing.

Alright.  So…uhhh…here we are.  Doing this thing.  And this thing, you ask, is the samplesnap from the Senior Portraits of Kylie!  Just in case you didn’t read the first sentence where I basically said the same thing.  I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t.  I didn’t even read it.  I just type these things in stream of consciousness ramblings and then put the picture up.  Not too much of a science to it.  I figure once the words are out there it’s up to you to read them, dissect them, ignore them, burn them, whatever you want to do with them.  If you are reading them on a computer (because you haven’t printed them out?) I don’t recommend burning them as your computer will also burn.  Just get some tape or something and put it on your computer screen and cover the words if you would like.  Whatever it takes.  That’s my motto.  Right now.  That’s my motto at the moment.  It’s probably going to change back to ‘everything is for the taking’ in about five minutes.  But that’s a completely different story.

The story that I’m about to tell you is about a man named Jed.  Poor mountaineer who barely kept his family fed.  Until one fine day he was shooting for some food, and up through the ground came a bubblin’ crude.  Oil, that is.  Black gold.  Texas Tea.

The story that I’m about to tell you is of a day when the wonderful Kylie stopped by the o&j to have some pictures taken, and my dear friends, not only did she have them taken, but she totally rocked it up.  No joke.  Straight dope.  But you don’t need any of these words, or maybe you do.  Either way, all you need to do is to take a look at the pic below to know (that rhymed) what I’m talking about.  But wait!  Before you do that, we need to give MuchLove to Kylie for being so awesome to work with, and we also need to tell all you good people out there burning your computers or covering them up with tape to – Enjoy!



Well Lookee Here…It’s Mariah!

I love speaking or typing in authentic frontier gibberish.  But there’s one thing that I’m not going to speak in any sort of jibber-jabber about, and that’s the fact that we had the goodlygreat pleasure of working with a lovely lady by the name of Mariah!

Calling it work is a bit of a stretch, because it was more just an incredibly good time with a wonderful person.  Call that work if you must, but we will just call it good fortune.  And it was all because of her wonderful self that our time together flew by – and just as soon as she had arrived, it was time for her to leave the confines of FunCenter so she could bring her wonderfulness to everyone.  And we were OK with that, because it’s not good to be greedy.  Instead we were just thankful that she chose us to be a part of her senior year, and we know that we’ll always have the memories, and the pictures of our time together.  Because that’s what we do.  We take pictures.  So of course we’re going to have pictures.

Now is the time in this rambling word mess when we send MuchLove to Mariah for being so awesome, and to all my other awesome peeps out there in Blogland – Enjoy!


Do You Have The Time? I Do. It’s Mykle Time.

Yeah.  At first you were all like, ‘let me check my sundial’ but then I was all like ‘dude…put your sundial down, because I don’t need your ‘fancy time’ because I already know what time it is and it’s not going to be expressed via shadows or numbers or magic or however you do it, because it’s time for us to get up get up now get down because it’s time for us to take a look at some samplesnap of Mykle’.  And then you were all like, ‘alright.’  Boom.  Just like that.

There was a time, there was a place, there was a Mykle.  That’s really all you need to know.  Well, you need to know that he was awesome to work with too.  So, MuchLove to he named Mykle for letting us have a little bit of his sweet & precious time, and to the rest of you crazy foos out there in Land of Blog – Enjoy!


Allow Me To Present…Charles.

Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste.  Wait.  Let me try that again.

Please allow me to introduce a new friend to the bliggityblog, a man by the name of Charles!  Now, I’m just going by the digital paperwork that I have here, and it says his name is Charles, so I’m not going to take any responsibility if he never goes by his full name, or if he prefers ‘Charlie’ 0r ‘Chas’ or ‘Chuck’ (even though I’m pretty sure the only person that uses that is Peppermint Patty when she is talking to Charlie Brown) or ‘C-Man’ or ‘Chaw-Dawg’ or ‘C’ or any combination of the previous ideas.  Again.  No responsibility.  So I’m just going to stick with Charles, even though I’m thinking that ‘C’ would be pretty sweet.

But enough of all that.  We’re here to day to get through this thing called life.  Electric word life, that means forever.  Wait.  Let me do that again.

But enough of all that.  We’re here today to take a look at a samplesnap from the time that Charles stopped by the Studes to have his seniorsnaps taken.  And that’s what we’re going to do.  Enough of all this gibberish, let us now send MuchLove to Charles for being himself, which is awesome.  And to all you peeps out there reading this in Blogland just being yourselves too – Enjoy!


Let’s Do This. It’s Ty. Let’s Roll.

A person can only stare at a blank computer screen for so long.  So it’s time to fill in the sea of white with just a few words, and then a supersampleseniorsnap from the one & only Ty!

Look at that.  I’ve already put some words down.  Baby steps.  But we’re not here to congratulate me on my wordsmithery (which is right next door to the blacksmith, in case you were wondering) – instead we are here to get down to business and have a mini-celebration in honor of Ty.  He’s a senior.  He’s going to be graduating real quick like.  But our time with him occured before that.  On a magical day when he stopped by the FunCenter to have some pictures taken.

Why was the day magical, you are probably not asking yourselves?  Well, let me tell you.  It wasn’t because of anything that we did.  It was because Ty was there.  And that’s all you need to know.  So with that being said, it’s now time to give MuchLove to Ty for letting us be a part of his Senior year, and to all my other happy peeps out there in Blogville workin’ away another day to pay the bills – Enjoy!


How About Some Cheyenne?!

I know that you’re just sitting there thinking there must be a way to brighten up your day – and I’m here to tell you that there is!  And I have it!  Right here on this good ol’ fashioned bliggityblog machine that you are sitting in front of!  And then what if I told you that all you have to do is just let your eyes glaze across these words and then below you will find the cure to your ills, or something like that.

Wouldn’t that be just smashing?!  Like I’m British?!  I’m not.  But that’s beside the point.  The point here is that it is time for us to brighten up our day with a little bit, a samplesnap if you will, of the one & only Cheyenne!  You see, my good good good good good people, at some point in the past which at this very moment could have been last week or a few months ago, Cheyenne stopped by the FunCenter for some seniorsnaps, and we were there with camera, etc.  See how I wrapped that up right there with the ol’ ‘etc.?’  Pretty nifty, huh.

But enough about my nift.  Now is the time for us to give MuchLove to Cheyenne for stopping by the FunCenter and letting us in on the goodness that she is, and to all my happy little peeps out there in Blogville just whistlin’ a song to make it through the day – Enjoy!


Back On The Train. This Time With More Leighton.

No clue what the title to this post means?  That makes two of us.  Either way, it’s time for us to get back on the blog express and take a look at some more senior portrait goodness – and this time it is with the one & only Leighton!

This fine young man stopped by our studio on a day at a time and had his senior pictosnaps taken by a photog.  And for those of you playing at home, that is the vaguest sentence ever to grace the digital confines of this website.  But, my dear friends, not only did he stop by the otis & james, he also was good at doing the whole pictosnaps thing.  But you don’t need me to tell you that.

All you really need is for me to send MuchLove to Leighton for letting us have a little bit of his sweet & precious time, and then I need to tell all y’all out there in Blogland rocking and/or rolling through the day to – Enjoy!