A part of the o&j family, as well as a personal friend of Jamie – Kris Barnes – tragically left this world too soon in an oil field accident this past Thursday morning. A fund in his memory has been set up at Gate City Bank, and in addition donations can be made online via THIS LINK.

Our hearts ache for his family and all that loved him, and we send so much love to all who are hurting.

MuchLove –
Jamie & Matthew

The Barnes Family


Hooray! It’s Kirsty!

How about just one more for the night, or the morning, depending on what your perception of wake and sleep time is.  And how about it’s Kirsty!  And how about you peeps out there reading this are super excited because Kirsty is totally awesome and looking at her picture below these words you know that I’m just not filling you full of some sort of jive talk and I’m telling you the straight story.

What do you think about all of that?  You think it’s a pretty good deal?  Well, I think it’s a great deal!  And it is a great deal because anybody that knows Kirsty also knows just how awesome she is – and we found out firsthand when we had the goodlygreat opportunity to work with her during a time that was not that long ago because there is snow in the picture?  Time.  It mystifies me.  Going on with the story…Kirsty was completely awesome to work with as well and our time together was far too short & sweet.  But we will not be sad about this because we will always have the memories.  And the pictures.  Because that’s what we do.

But enough of all this jibber-jabber, it’s time for us to give MuchLove to Kirsty for stopping by the o&j and doing the senior picture thing, and to all you goodlygreat peeps of blog getting ready to make this another wonderful day – Enjoy!


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Deri’Ann. Picture. Blog. Awesome. Yay!

I think the title of this post pretty much sums up everything that I really need to say about what’s gonna be going on here, but I would be remiss if I didn’t add another couple hundred of non-sensical words to the mix.  Some people wonder why I feel the need to add these words (pretty much everyone else at the o&j) – but my reply is always ‘IT’S MY BLOG AND I’LL DO WHAT I WANT TO’ which I will admit when looking at it like that makes it seem like I’m kind of having a hissy fit and yeah, I probably am but whatevs.  It’s how I am.  Deal.  Back to what we are here today for.

And that’s a samplesnap from the senior portrait session of the oh-so-lovely & wonderful Deri’Ann!  We had an absolutely wonderful time working with her and the results of this wonderfulness can be found in the samplesnap below.  But wait!  Before you go all running off to look at the pic, we have to give MuchLove to Deri’Ann for stopping by the o&j and for letting us have some of her sweet & precious time.  And to all you good peeps out there in Blogville wishing and waiting for summer to come around – Enjoy!


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James Time.

Some people operate on Central Standard, some people do Mountain, some people do Greenwich Mean.  Right now, we’re doing James Time.  Because that’s the only time that matters in this wild and crazy world that we live in.  So just put your clocks away and focus on what I’m about to lay down.

James stopped by the o to the j on a day that I could say was the other day but I would be lying if I did say that unless your definition of ‘the other day’ is pretty loose and could encompass a time that could be anything from literally the other day all the way to a few months ago, but we’ll just stick with the other day.  He stopped by for the senior pics.  And we took the seniorpictosnaps he was in need of.  And the job was well done – and this was because James was awesome to work with.  Straight up, my babies…straight up.

But we need to put all of these words away and just send James MuchLove and thank him for deciding to stop by the o&j, and to all you happy and glowing people out there in front of your computers looking at the happy picture below – Enjoy!


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Here We Go…It’s Taylor!

Round and round the Otis & James Caravan of Love turns, and this time we are lucky enough to feature the every lovely Taylor!  Here’s the story.  Taylor needed some senior pictures taken, and that’s kind of what we do.  I mean, we other things too like have families, raise daschunds, write in our journals, order Taco Johns…yeah…that’s basically what else we do, but we definitely take a whole bunch of senior pictosnaps, which is why it was awesome that Taylor decided to stop by our studio because I don’t know where this sentence is going but I know that you get the drift.

Moving on, Taylor was completely awesome to work with (duh) – and our time together was all too short & sweet!  We wish that she could be with us every day of the week, but that would probably cost a lot of money and she would probably get bored with us (although we do like Taco Johns so that’s something), so we will just have the pics from our time together to remind us of the awesomeness.  Wow.  That was a sentence.  So Taylor, we send you MuchLove and thank you for letting us be a little part of your senior year, and to all of you good people out there in Land of Blog just keepin’ it real – Enjoy!


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McCormick. Straight Up.

Let’s continue this SeniorSunday (or for those of you that are too kook for skool #seniorsunday) thing with a post about a man that I like to call McCormick.  And maybe there are others out there that call him this same name too.  In fact, I’m almost positive that there are.  Like his friends.  His family.  Schoolmates (is that a word still?  It seems so 19th century) – whatever the case may be, I do believe that they may call him this same name too.  So I’m not alone in this notion of calling him that.

So, McCormick stops by the otis to the james and he needs some pictures taken because he’s graduating from high school and needs to have some of those pics that the seniors take because time has flown by and he’s practically in college and everyone is like ‘what the heck happened it seems just like yesterday when he was starting kindergarten’ or whatever it is that they are thinking.  But I’m not here to delve into the psyche of what people may or may not be thinking, I’m just here to tell you that we wound up taking this senior pics and the rest is up to you.

But not only did we take his senior pics, but we had a great time doing so – and it’s all thanks to McCormick.  So we’d like to take a moment to send MuchLove to him for letting us be a little part of his senior year, and to all of you good peeps out there in Land of Blog just doing whatever it is that you do – Enjoy!


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Here We Go. It’s Terence!

Seems like the only time I’m ever putting anything up here is for a good ol’ Senior Sunday type of thing, but whatever.  It works.  And this time we’re getting the job done with the one & only Terence!  There was this day that wasn’t all that long ago (in reality it probably was a long time ago but time…what does it really mean man?) – philosophical questions about time and space aside, there was this time and there was this Terence and there was this photog. named Jamie and there were many happy pictures taken.

But the reason for such happy pictures was not because of Jamie or camera or anything else like that.  No no no.  The reason for happy pictures was because Terence was completely awesome to work with, and he made our time together totally and completely awesome.  But I don’t need these words to tell you that, all I gotta do is have you look at the happy picture below.  But wait!  Before you do that we need to send MuchLove to Terence for stopping by FunCenter and letting us take some snaps, and to all my good peeps out there in Land of Blog – Enjoy!


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