James Time.

Some people operate on Central Standard, some people do Mountain, some people do Greenwich Mean.  Right now, we’re doing James Time.  Because that’s the only time that matters in this wild and crazy world that we live in.  So just put your clocks away and focus on what I’m about to lay down.

James stopped by the o to the j on a day that I could say was the other day but I would be lying if I did say that unless your definition of ‘the other day’ is pretty loose and could encompass a time that could be anything from literally the other day all the way to a few months ago, but we’ll just stick with the other day.  He stopped by for the senior pics.  And we took the seniorpictosnaps he was in need of.  And the job was well done – and this was because James was awesome to work with.  Straight up, my babies…straight up.

But we need to put all of these words away and just send James MuchLove and thank him for deciding to stop by the o&j, and to all you happy and glowing people out there in front of your computers looking at the happy picture below – Enjoy!


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By otis

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