TBWMYFO v.12 :: The Family Hansen Edition!

Hollaback patrons of the bliggity blog! We’re on a non-stop journey to the center of all things worthy of melting one’s face off here in BlogLand. Some may wonder where exactly BlogLand is. It’s hard to put into words. Most cartographers would say “between here and there” or “over the river and through the woods” or “this way and that way” and surprisingly one scholar even said “17 South Main Street.”

But he obviously had the FunCenter confused with BlogLand and is no longer a scholar and now works writing fictitious maps for treasure hunt novels. Anywho.

Speaking of maps, if the blog had a map, then The Family Hansen would be X marks the spot! They were a joy to work with and we got some superblyspectacularshots in the process! So, a big shout to the Family Hansen for stopping by, as for the rest of you out in BlogLand… Enjoy!

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TBWMYFO v.11 :: The Addison & Gunner Edition!

Now, if the previous TEN blog entries haven’t melted your face off yet, I’d recommend shielding your face with a large sauce pan, suitcase, or lego construction. (On second thoughts, I don’t believe any of those would make good devices if one’s face was to be “melted off.” I believe there are special Haz-Mat suits for that kind of thing, but we aren’t familiar with those fancy things, we just take good old-fashioned pictographs. Then again… there was a time when Haz-Mat suits were required at the stu-stu-studio, but that involved beef and water and the chances of someone’s face being “melted off” were minimal). Anywho,
if you have any facial protection, now is the blog to get it out!

“But why Mr. Blog Man? What sets this entry apart from the others?”

Well my dear bloggerites, that’s easy, because the previous ten entries didn’t feature the one and only (or in this case two and only) Addison & Gunner!
Apparently they heard that the FunCenter was the place to be these days, so they came ready for a photo shoot of epic proportions! They of course had pep in their step, and groove in their move, but they definitely knew how to have a good time. Fun was had by all and MuchLove to Mom and Dad for coming down to the studio too and hanging out with us!

Thank you Addison & Gunner for a crazy good time!


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TBWMYF v.10 :: The Kayla & Tyler Edition!

Once upon a time, not so long ago, the O&J crew wondered “if only Kayla & Tyler, the most bomb diggity of all bomb diggity siblings would stop by the studio, the FunCenter would truly be complete.” Amazingly, with a stunning turn of fate, the two asked us to take some photographs.

We were beyond ecstatic.

We awaited their arrival with gleeful anticipation. Everything needed to be perfect. Kinzo scrubbed the studio with a toothbrush for days; Queen James practiced her index finger/shutter button skills for hours on end. Benjamin D was chained up because he was so thrilled, and Otis even showered.

At long last the day arrived, and as you can tell —
they rocked it 434% more than we expected. If
you don’t believe me, have a look for yourselves,
and as always —


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TBWMYF v.9 :: Valerie & Jeff!

Mic Check. Mic Check. Is this thing on? Are we broadcasting? Wha…we are? You mean they can hear me? Oh…well…OK. Here goes then.

Ladies & Gentlemen! I come to you today with good news! News go grand that you’re all bound to leave this broadcast with a tune in your mind and a smile in your heart! I’m not even sure if the heart is capable of smiling, but I’m going to have our research staff (ed. Brittany, that’s you) get right on that and let our good people of blog know the answer to this question just as soon as we get to the current matter at hand, and that is the righteously awesome engagement pictosnaps of the one and only…Valerie & Jeff!

Before they walked into FunCenter (if it’s the weekend, I’ll call it ‘Studes’), I was sitting there talking to my fish that lives in a plant, and the conversation was something along the line of how could life at FunCenter be any better! No sooner had I said that then this awesomelyawesome couple walked on in. I immediately looked at fish and knew life had actually just gotten better!

Valerie & Jeff were totally awesome! They sweetlyrocked, they sweetlyrolled through the shoot, and by the time it was done, we knew the goods had been had. Well, my dear audience of blog, now is the time that we need to say MuchLove & ManyThanks to this wonderful couple for stopping down to FunCenter, and to all of you out there in land of blog – Enjoy!

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TBWMYF v.8 :: The Krista & Quentin Edition!

There was a land and a time, long ago, when your good ol’ Uncle Otis was a ‘different person.’ He worked for mysterious places named after the things that lead to pots of gold, and he drove beat up ol’ pickup trucks and had a gnarly beard. He thought that he had it all figured out, and – at the time – he did have a pretty good handle on what and who he was.

During this period, he had the good fortune of working at said places that lead to the pot of gold with a lovely yound lady that called herself, Krista! Otis thought that Krista was a fine person, and quite enjoyed the workplace which they shared. As life will go, however, their time at this place was short-lived…well…more for her than for Otis, and their paths seldom if ever crossed again.

And, as is also the case with life, what you had once thought was ‘pretty well figured out’ was really just a temporary resting spot on the way to the place that you are truly going, which brings us to the here and now. At some point during this fine past week or so, the doors of the FunCenter opened up, and who should walk on in than old friendly co-worker of Otis, the one & only Krista, and her lovely son Quentin! What had previously just been a person named ‘Krista’ on our calendar was now officially blowing the mind of one person named Otis, and perhaps was even blowing the mind of one person named Krista.

‘Tis crazy, my dear friends of blog, how the road of life will meander, but also ’tis nice when you have a chance to catch up with old chums! Well, my dear blog friends, I know that you haven’t come here today to stoll down memory lane with your dearl ol’ Uncle Otis, and Krista & Quentin sure didn’t come down to Center for Fun to do this. No no no. They came to FunCenter to have some sweetlysnaps taken, and I’m here to tell you at this fine hour that get some sweetlysnaps taken was exactly what they did!

As was expected, they were totally awesome to work with! They know the moves, they knew the poses, it was as if everything in the past was leading up to this one moment of wonderment in the FunCenter! Well…perhaps everything in life hasn’t led up to this moment, but whatever the case thank goodness it went down!

MuchLove & ManyThanks to Krista & Quentin for stopping by Center so fine, and to all of my shiny happy people of blog – Enjoy!

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TBWMYF v.7 :: The ‘Charlie… Future Hockey Star’ Edition!

Dear Charlie,

I’ve prepared a Wikipedia article for you later in life. Just insert the proper information once you know it, and you should be good to go.

Also, just wanted to let you you know that we had a great time working with you down at the FunCenter the other day! Dude, your skillz with the puck are amazing…you’re gonna go far, friend!

Well, I’ll let you get back to the business of being Charlie, but again just wanted to give MuchLove to you for stopping on down, and if you happen to see any of the good people of blog out there, let them know they should Enjoy!

Your old Chum –

ATTACH: Wikipedia Entry

He is generally regarded as the best player of his era and has been called ” other than Gretzky, the greatest hockey player ever” by many sportswriters, players, coaches, and fans. Along with his many awards and achievements, he is the only player to ever have his playing number, [INSERT NUMBER HERE], officially retired across the entire National Hockey League.

Identified as a hockey prodigy at a very young age, [CHARLIE] regularly played at a level far above his peers. He became a full professional at the age of 17 in the NHL. He set 40 regular-season records, 15 playoff records, 6 All-Star records, won four Stanley Cups with the [INSERT TEAM NAME HERE], and won 9 MVP awards and 10 scoring titles. He is the only player (other than Gretzky) ever to total over 200 points in a season (a feat that he accomplished four times in his career). In addition, he tallied over 100 points a season for 15 NHL seasons, 13 of them consecutively.

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TBWMYF v.6 :: The Norma & Jacob Edition!

Have I ever told you about how I wish I could write poetry? I think I have. In fact, I think that if you were to search in the handydandy search box that is located somewhere on this page (it is my goal for all of you to think of these lines of code, these one’s and zero’s as some form of a living entity, and if science advances the way that I would like it to, it is only a matter of time until blog jumps from your computer to a chair in your living room, and is demanding that you order it pizza because ‘…you don’t want to see what happens when blog gets angry…PIZZA NOW!’) for the word poetry, you would prolly (my fav MySpace abbrev..well, there’s one more fav, but you’re going to have to go to Ohio and find one Kacy F. and ask her what my true fav is…I hear Ohio in spring is loverly!) find the stories that I speak of. But, if you are anything like me (and let’s hope that you’re not, becuase I’m starting to weird myself out), you prolly don’t want to waste all of that time searching and the what not. In fact, you are wondering how much longer it is that you’re going to be subjected to all of these silly words, so I will break it down for you like this.

I wish I could write poetry, but I can’t, and every time that I think I can, it comes out like this:

Norma & Jacob
To FunCenter they did venture
SweetlySnaps were their aim
They sure are pretty
I wish I looked as good as them

You see what I am talking about? Now, I’m a fairly smart dude (got me a high school diploma that says so…just don’t ask to see the GPA), and it seems that I should be capable of creating something that is a little bit more, well, more better than that. Unfortunately, I am not.

The gist of what I am trying to say, however, is that the doors of the FunCenter opened up, and we welcomed a lovely couple by the names of Norma & Jacob, and we were very thankful that they chose us to bestow their greatness upon! For they rocked, they rolled, they all around gave the joy and gave the love to Center for Fun, and for that we thank them! MuchLove & ManyThanks to both of them for stopping down, and to my peeps of the blog that are thirsty for another one of these – Enjoy!

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TBWMYF v.5 :: The Carson Edition!

If I had to put together a list of the things that Carson is, it would look like this.

  1. Awesome!
  2. SweetlySweet!
  3. Beautiful!
  4. A Dude Among Dudes!
  5. Lady Killer!
  6. Our Good Buddy!

And that’s the gospel according to Otis. Preach.

We had a wonderful time working with Carson (if we can even call it work, I shall just call it chillaxin with our good buddy, and in between him charming the bejayzuss out of us taking the occasional snap), and we would like to thank him and his PA for stopping down to FunCenter, and letting us spend a little quality time with this beautiful boy!

Well, I truly am gushing, and I think it be best if we just give MadProps & MuchLove to Carson for taking time from his schedule and stopping down to FunCenter! Oh, I almost forgot, and to all of my Buddies of Blog (BOB’s) – Enjoy!

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TBWMYF v.4 :: The Chells (Soon To Be Family Chell) Edition!

Hello, my Dear Blog Friends!

I’m come to you today with a story about The Family Chell! Now, I know that some of you like to play what we in the gaming industry (did you know that in edition to being the Mayor of Blogville, I actually run my own casino? Really? You didn’t? Well, now you do) like to have ‘Sneaky-Eyes’ and you sometimes don’t read all of these silly words and just look at at the happy pictures.

I’m OK with it. I know it happens, and there is nothing that I’m going to be able to do about it. Sometimes, the hardest part is letting go and letting life work itself out. Again, my dear friends, I am not here to dispense sage wisdom or advice, for if I was you wouldn’t want to take it from me. I am here to tell you that…well…I don’t even know what it is that I am supposed to be telling you at this point, other than to say that the FunCenter had the goodlygreat fortune of befriending The Family Chell for some sweet pictosnaps at some point in our not-so-distant past!

Now, some of our more intrepid (every time that I use that word, you have to have a shot of water) People of Blog (POB’s…not to be confused with Persons of Baltimore) may be wondering why I am calling it The Family Chell when there are only two peeps in the snaps! Well, I’m going to let you in on something. You see, there is actually a third member of this family that hasn’t quite made their arrival yet, but will be soonly! And this is the reason that they came to CenterFun!

But, my dear peeps, you’re gonna have to wait to see this newest member of The Family Chell, but we do hope that FunCenter will have the goodly fortune of taking lovely snaps of the new arrival in our not-so-distant future! So until then, we will have to say MuchLove & ManyThanks to this wonderful family for stopping by FunCenter for some snaps, and congratulations on the upcoming addition to the Fam!

Well, there shall be no more words, just a big ol’ heaping helping of – Enjoy!

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TBWMYF v.3 :: The Stephanie Edition!

I was going to start this post like this: ‘Spring has sprung! Birds have started singing again! The sun has begun to warm my face once more!’, but then, I realized that this is what we ‘bloggers’ call ‘El Lame-oh’, which means – quite simply – it stunk the place up, it was so bad. So, instead of making your stomachs queasy (which, is an interesting word to spelll in case you have ever thought about doing so, and I hope – for the sake of humanity – you never have to spell this word), I will start it like this. I guess, if you would like, you really could just skip this paragraph, and jump right into the second, but then we would no longer be on my the epic journey though my mind that I like to take all of you on. OK Moving on.

Sweetness landed at FunCenter this past week (did you know that I used to write copy for the Minot Daily?! Actually, I’m lying. I didn’t. Sorry about that. I shall never mention that again, and it would mean a lot to me if you didn’t have to mention it either, but didn’t this sentence start off like some sort of an important headline?! Perhaps ((and there I go with ‘perhaps’ again)) I shall leave this world of otisandjamesery behind and put in my application their today!))) as we were paid a visit from the ever lovely and righteously kind Stephanie, as she traversed the space that exists between Reality & FunCenter for the goodly cause of SeniorSnaps!

We ventured here and there, to and fro in search of the parfect picture. We hunted it down with precision and skill, and we were rewarded with manymany parfect snaps! Well, me thinks that this had more to do with the skillz of Stephanie more so than our hunting abilities, so I’m afraid that I can not take full credit for this. Well, I’m not even sure what I am currently writing, so I think it be time for us to put these words to bed, and prepare our minds to be blown by some lovely digitalsweetness that we shall call, Stephanie!

MadProps & MuchLove to Stephanie for stopping down to Center of Fun (it has been measured by the USGS, and it actually is the geographic center), and to all of my friendly friends of the blog – Enjoy!

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