This Just In: It’s Alex!

Did you notice how I did that.  I put that ‘this just in’ thing there, and then it made it seem like it was all super official news.  As if there was going to be a message from the Emergency Broadcasting System or something.  But it was a literary slight of hand, you see, because I got you hooked…HOOKED I say!

And now that I’ve got you on the hook, please allow me to give you the news, which is that we had the goodlygreat opportunity of working with the one & only Alex on a day that wasn’t really all that long ago.  And the reason for his visit to the FunCenter, you ask (actually, if you are still trying to figure out why it is that people stop by here you may have had a stroke and you should seek medical attention immediately) – well the reason was to get some sweetlysweet seniorsnaps taken!

Alex entered the octagon, and the battle began.  I don’t know what that means.  There was no octagon.  There was no battle.  He was just his pleasant & charming self, and was a breeze to work with.  And because of that we would like to give him a big ol’ MuchLove, and to you out there in your happy blog homes reading these words – Enjoy!

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Once Again…It’s Haley!

Well hello there, my good Friends of Blog (FOB’s!)  It’s me again.  Your fearless leader.  Actually, I have quite a few fears and most of them are irrational, but this isn’t my therapy session, although this is much cheaper than my therapy session, but there’s no couch here.  Actually, I am lying.  We do have a couch here.  In fact, we have three.  Heck, all this talk of couches makes me want to take a nap, but now is not the time for such things!

As I was saying, well, I guess I really haven’t started saying anything yet, but as I was about to say, we’ve got some new sweetly pictosnaps to show you, and once again it’s the one & only Haley!  Now I know your probably sitting there in front of your computing devices thinking, ‘I’ve never seen Haley before, so how can it be once again?’ – and that would be a good observation.

I must admit, as your fearless leader (we’ll just keep calling me that regardless of what I said earlier) I have let you down.  There have been many pictures that have not made it up on to the blog – but that has changed.  I’m a new man.  Reformed.  Yep.  There will be no recidivism.  I say ‘once again’ because this past Summer we had the good pleasure of taking Haley’s Senior Portraits, and now she came back for just a li’l bit more – and this time she was just as awesome as the previous time, which was totally awesome, but you’ll have to take my word for it because I never put up samplesnaps from the previous time.  OK?

Alrighty!  Now that I have tied all of our minds into a pretzel, it is time for us to give Haley MuchLove for stopping by once again, and to you – my pretzel-minded people of blog – Enjoy!

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The Newburg United Class of 2011!

Ladies & Gentlemen…it’s that time of year again.  The time when the one & only, the Newburgh United Class of 2011 comes to the FunCenter for their sweet senior class picture!  Now me, coming from the land called Twin Cities just finds it so cool that their are Senior classes that have three people in them!

I do remember when I graduated (well, I actually don’t remember all that much, but that’s a story for another day) there were many, many people in my senior class.  Somewhere in the neighborhood of about 400.  The deal with that is that when you graduate, there are people that you don’t even know standing side by side with you.  There are people that you were friends with your freshman year that you just lose track of and you wonder if they even go to school with you any more, and then you look at the graduation program and sure enough their names are right there with yours, and you wonder ‘how did that even happen?’

Now, as far as Newburgh United goes, they aren’t going to have that problem.  And that’s a good thing.  In fact, that’s a great thing.  Because I can guarantee you that this senior class are going to be friends forever.  BFF’s, if you know what I’m saying.  I know this because the time that we spent together at the studio was a blast – they were all a treat to work with, and even put up with the weirdness that is Otis.

But enough of this rambling – now is the time that we need to give this senior class a huge helping of MuchLove, and wish them nothing but the best as they travel through life, and to you, my good people of Blog – Enjoy!

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Look! It’s Derrick, Wanda, Cashley, Dawson & Quade!

Do I got time for one more?  I don’t?  Well I don’t care what you say, I’m gonna get these goods out the door and up on the Interwebz so all of our good people of Blogville and see this lovely group of people!  They’re just too sweet for us not to put up!  So there.  I’m the boss, and I’ll cry if I want to.

OK.  Now that we’ve got all that straightened out, it’s time to more on to the matter at hand, and that the lovely pictosnaps we took of this rockem-sockem group!  It’s like we live in photographic heaven (do I capitalize that?) – we always have beautiful people that walk through the doors of the FunCenter and this day was no exception to that rule.

This big ol’ group came in and showed us what was up.  They showed us what was down.  They showed us what was good.  And then they did it again.  Hot diggity darn!  Now is the time when we offer up MuchLove to this group for coming down and giving us a little bit of their sweet & precious time, and to all of you – our wonderful People of Blog – Enjoy!

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Ladies & Gents…It’s The Family Locken!

You know what time it is? I say, DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS??!! It’s time for some bliggitlyblogs! And we’re going to start the festivities off with a visit from the one & only Family Locken!

On a day that wasn’t all that long ago, but still long enough ago that I don’t remember off the top of my head when it was, but it really doesn’t matter when it was because that’s not the point of this thing, but as I was saying…on a day that wasn’t all that long ago, the doors to the FunCenter opened up and in walked this lovely group that calls themselves The Family Locken!

They totally came in and rocked the house – they brought game, and it showed.  Do people still say that?  They brought game?  Did people ever say that?  Some things in life I guess that I will never know.  Regardless, they tore it up, and the proof, as they say (I’m not really sure who ‘they’ is, it’s just one of those things that I will file under ‘things I will never know’) the proof is in the pics.

We would like to give a big ol’ MuchLove to this happy family for stopping by, and to the rest of my good peeps out there in the Land of Blog – Enjoy!

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It’s Christian…The Second One…Today!

Now, now you see the madness that is in my head!  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just take a look at the post just before this post.  Yep.  We had two seniors back to back that shared the same name.  I know.  It’s totally and completely crazy.  The kind of crazy where if you sit back and think about it, there’s a pretty good chance that your head will explode, or – at bare minimum – you will have some sort of a seizure, like the kind you can get from strobe lights.  Which is why we’re not going to dwell on this any further – because I don’t want to be liable for either and or any of those events happening out there in the Land of Blog, because our insurance guy says we should try to stay away from those sorts of things in order to keep our premiums down.

Well then, now that we have that out of the way…on a day that was not all that long ago we, at the Otis & James FunCenter For The Study of Fun and Whatnot had the goodlysweet pleasure of working with the ever-lovely Christian!  She strolled all up into our studio and showed us how it was done, which for her is easy – because she is a total and complete pro.  And when you’re pro, baby, you’re solid.  True story.

Our time was fleeting, so we are thankful that we remembered to have cameras with us on this day – that way we can relive the memories of our time together for an eternity!  We would like to give MuchLove to Christian for giving us some of her sweet & precious time, and to you, the good peeps of blog – Enjoy!

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It’s Christian…The First One…Today!

OK.  I’ll admit it.  That title is weird.  But it will make sense in just a little bit.  So just hold on to that thought.  So, let’s jump into this thing.

The doors of the Otis & James FunCenter opened up, and guess who walked in?  The Mailman.  ZINGER!!  I GOT YOU!!  YOU THOUGHT I WAS GONNA SAY CHRISTIAN BUT I DIDN’T!!  DUBZLOLZ!  And right after the mailman walked in, in walked the one & only (well, not actually the one & only) Christian!  That sentence is like a mirror looking into a mirror.  Don’t even look back at it.  Nope.  Just keep your eyes moving forward.

Why was Christian here, you may be asking yourself?  Well, not to deliver the mail BECAUSE THE MAILMAN ALREADY DID THAT!  DUBZ-ZINGER!!!  But seriously, Christian was here to have some sweetly seniorsnaps taken, and thank goodness he was – because we were ready to take some sweetlyseniorsnaps.  Again, don’t look back at that sentence, just keep it moving folks.

Christian was a dream to work with – easy going & laid back.  He took us to the chill zone.  Ugh.  I can’t believe I actually just typed that.  Moving on…we would like to thank Christian for stopping by the FunCenter, and for being so awesome!  And to the rest of you peeps out there in blogworld – Enjoy!

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Amy & Matt

Up next in our flashback series of wedding posts is a visit back to June of last year – the first weekend, to be exact.  Now, the only thing that I have ever remembered about the first Saturday in June is that it is always the date for Grand Old Day back in good ol’ Saint Paul, Minnesota.  But now, I have another reason to remember the first Saturday in June!

And that reason, you might ask?  That reason is that it was the wedding day of a lovely couple that is called Amy & Matt!  The Otis & James Caravan of Love loaded on up and headed down to B-Town (that’s Bismarck, for all you squares) so we could join up with their wedding adventure!

As soon as we started taking the sweetlysnaps, we knew it was gonna be a good day, as this wonderful couple and their equally wonderful wedding party was a true joy to work with!  Looking back on the day now, the thing that sticks out in my head is the delay that occurred while we were all waiting for the limousine to show up.

We waited a real long time – got a lot of really cool pictures of the wedding party during this time too.  It was a beautiful day out, and the sun was shining.  After a bit, I sat down on the grass along the side of the church while Jamie was photographing the group.  Well apparently the sun & the grass felt too good, as I began to struggle to keep my eyes open.  Just as I was about to enter the blissful place that is a nap in the Sun, I heard the familiar voice of Queen James telling me to wake up.  Total Buzz Killington.  She went on to chastise me about how it is not appropriate to fall asleep during a wedding (she was right.)

I suppose I shouldn’t tell that story, because it makes it seem like we (more like I) are a bunch of napping loafs.  No, that’s not the case – we really did wait a long time for that limo, I just had a moment of weakness (damn you…Sun!)  As soon as the limo came, I sprang back into action and we all headed to the reception where the good times rolled, I got jacked up on caffeine, and had a most wonderful time!  The moral of the story:  If you fall asleep at any point during a wedding, expect Jamie to (deservedly) hand your ass to you on a silver platter.

Well, I’ve rambled on too long – it’s time for us to send MuchLove to every one that was a part of this wondrous day – especially Amy & Matt, and to the rest of you out there in Land of Blog – Enjoy!

Andi & Jason

First in our series of 2010 Wedding Flashbacks is the ever-lovely supercouple known as Andi & Jason! Way back in May of last year, the Otis & James Caravan of Love loaded up and headed out to, if memory serves me correct, just North of the metropolis of Ross, North Dakota.

This wedding was special for many reasons – for one, it was the first wedding that both Otis (that’s me) and James (That’s Jamie) worked together in a long, long, long time!  It was also special because it was an outdoor wedding that was happening on their family farm.

Now, the thing with outdoor weddings is that you’re always at the mercy of the weather, and this wedding proved that fact.  But, even though there were some sprinkles (more of a fine mist) the day was gorgeous – the location was stunning, the couple was beautiful, and most important – we got some sweet shots!  It was a ceremony that I will never forget – and I mean that in the best way possible!

Jamie & I had so much fun working with everyone, and we also found out that even though it is fun to have a crew of people to lug equipment around and run to the convenience store to buy you a Redbull when you are busy shooting, the two of us as a team still know how to rock it up!  So, we would like to give so MuchLove to everyone that was involved with this wondrous day, and to all of you out there in Land of Blog – Enjoy!

Wedding Flashbacks

Hello there, it’s me – your old friend Otis.  And I’m here today to tell you about an upcoming series of blog posts we are going to be putting up.  Now, with a title like ‘Wedding Flashbacks’, I’m sure some of you might be thinking that these posts will be some sort of therapy in which I delve into the corners of my mind to impart the dark & seedy stories that haunt me…from weddings.

But you would be wrong.  Instead, these posts are going to be flashbacks from last year (you know, that year when we kind of didn’t update the blog for about…oh…a year or so – but we don’t need to talk about that now) – from all of the lovely weddings we had the honor of participating in.

Also, these posts will be a pre-cursor to when we jump back into the swing of the 2011 wedding season – kind of a way to get you all amped up for the goodness that awaits us this summer!  So, with that out of the way, keep an eye out for these flashbacks (you’ll be able to tell because they will be posted in the category ‘wedding flashback’) and feel free to leave comments, as these couples are all coming up on their one-year anniversaries!